Language, Logic and Theories of Meaning

Jan 24 2023 · LastMod: Feb 15 2023

More or less a branch of Against Realism, or maybe vice versa.


Reading List

Backgrounds on first-order logic (to the compactness theorem) and natural deduction, lambda calculus and basic type theory, Zermelo-Frankel set theory (ordinal, cardinal), and category theory (Yoneda lemma, adjunction, monad, Kan extensions) are assumed.

Philosophy of logic and mathematics, and foundations,

Theories of meaning and proof-theoretic semantics

Categorical Logic. While similar in spirit, there are roughly speaking two types of categorical logic: categorical algebra, Curry-Howard-Lambek correspondence. The former is more about universal algebra (algebraic, cartesian, coherent and geometric theories), the latter is more about topoi, cartesian closed categories and their internal logic. Their methods are relevant to foundations of mathematics.