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I was more of a Dionysian in the Nietzchean sense before, and was born like that. Not that of an intellect and rationality, obssessed with art, music in particular, and literature. Now I quest after that which is Appolonian: crystalline, serene and celestial, either scintilating or shimmering, but above all pristine.

Telegram Group Link. I might not accept if no email is sent to the main e-mail address given in the contact page. I talk freely on various topics, mainly about those related to the projects. No chit-chat. You’d better not from twitter, not that I hate Musk but that I hate twitter users in general. Oh, Mastodon is the peak soyance. Accepting you doesn’t mean I want you to talk or I want to befriend you.

Some notes on the site. I don’t bother to CSS the TOCs in a fancy way so they can be floating on the left/right of the page, for that functionality it would be good to use a browser extension such as Skip To Landmarks & Headings. Check/uncheck the little sun floating on the upper right for the day/night theme. It is there because I found most of the available extensions horrible. While I do not hold that I have any qualification on the subjects I write about, I got some real training in mathematics/physics/logic/theoretical computer science, so the stuff will not be for casual readers, and I wish casual readers won’t inflate those seemingly mysterious abstract nonsenses into some actual gibberish, like Lacan did.



Life-long music lover. Focusing on Contemporary classical, free improvisation, glitch, data sonification, microsound, ethnic and old times music, but literally I listen to anything, maybe except for doujin and weeb techno and such. An indication of taste: Mozart, Beethoven, Ryoji Ikeda, Surgeon, Keith Jarrett (not Koln), Charles Lloyd, Giacinto Scelsi, Iannis Xenakis, Olivier Messiaen, Cesaria Evora. I was a metalhead in my teens and was a prog-fag fascinated by Indian classical and avan-garde jazz in my undergraduate years. Improvising on piano.

Learning Blender and Supercollider.

This Site

The site is generated by Hugo. Originally I used markdown but switched to Org-mode for various reasons (e.g. conflict between markdown italics and TeX subscript, I started to use Agda). Some contents are encrypted with (a modified version of) Hugo-Encrypt, careful since the project has an awful doc, if you don’t check the source it can easily break your site.

Some javascripts are used. Changing theme utilizes javascript and is always loaded. When there is a TOC there’s a script for unfolding and folding. mathjax is javascript heavy, which, when loaded, will always be accompanied with scripts for enumerating definitions, theorems, etc. When there are encrypted contents present additional scripts will be loaded. Searching is done by a script (this is at least better than by done by the server).

No CDN or such is used. All the contents are self-served, but nginx logging is enabled since I don’t want some bots lurking around. You might trust me and believe that I won’t do anything suspicious with your IP and your user agent, but, really, use the onion service if you don’t want to leave any trace.

The theme is purely my own. It seems that accidently it became somehow New Yorker-like, but what I really cared about was (and will be) pure readability and functionality. Types used are Perpetua and Gill Sans, all by Eric Gill, together with Iosevka; for CJK scripts Noto Serif CJK TC Light, should the font be installed.

For the site structure, see the archive.